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Janet McUlsky


Janet is a nationally recognized expert and innovator in the field of stakeholder alliance development and programming. Her background encompasses work on Capitol Hill, campaign and issue management, strategic communications, and long-term experience working side by side with healthcare and patient advocates across the U.S. 


Janet was with Pfizer from 2001 to 2020 – serving her entire tenure in the National Alliance Development arena – working to establish a new manner of long-term trusting partnerships for the pharmaceutical industry with nonprofit patient advocacy organizations.  As the Senior Director, Janet developed many of the best in class programs, including the Pfizer Health 

Advocate Leaders Breakfast Series, providing expert education and speakers for the non-profit healthcare advocacy community. Speakers included Members of Congress, Senior Administration Officials, Media and senior Representatives from Academia and Pfizer. With 

Janet’s leadership, Pfizer built out small and large educational and capacity building programs to enable the organizations to build a louder, impactful, credible voice on behalf of the chronically ill patients they serve. 


Janet is a graduate of Colgate University (BA) and George Washington University (MBA).  Janet has served on the Board of Directors of numerous non-profit organizations.


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Michelle Artz

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Nona Bear

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Elaine Chang

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Sabrina Lopez

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Jennifer Rios Carcana

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Dr. Artie

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Donna "Dede"

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Jennifer Sheridan

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Scott Williams

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Carolyn Weems



We uphold the highest standards of professional integrity and deliver honest and clear judgement based upon decades of experience in public health. From candid conversations to transparency in our work, our decades of success has been built upon the trust we have earned with clients through the integrity with which we conduct our business. 


Our company has deep relationships across the public health landscape and and an astute understanding of the every changing nature of this community.  The foundation of successful healthcare advocacy and innovation is a respect for individuals and the missions we share. We collaborate to improve life, and we do this one relationship at a time. 


We seek to improve lives and be our best selves. We evolve as the communities we serve evolve, thus becoming better, more enlightened and knowledgeable champions for their causes. We will never stop listening, learning, or working to improve healthcare quality, equity, and access.  


  • Coalition Building

  • Stakeholders Mapping

  • Ally Engagement and Relationship Building

  • Deep Relations with Patient/ HCP/ Consumer/ Senior/ Women/ Veterans/ Diverse Spokespersons and Organizations

  • Strategic Influencer Communications Planning & Execution

  • Resource and Communications Content Development

  • Third Party Audits and Stakeholders Identification

  • Strategic Council For New Market Entry Grassroots and Activist Mobilizations

  • Media Training

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